In Poland

  • The State Museum at Majdanek, which since 1 May 2012 is the owner of the Memorial Site area, Dr. Tomasz Kranz – director of the Museum
  • The Łęczyńsko- Włodawskie Lakeland Museum – managing body of the Memorial Site until 1 May 2012, Mariusz Telepko – director of the Museum
  • Voivodship office in Lublin, Lubelskie Province Governor– Prof. Jolanta Szołno-Koguc – decides about investment implementation in the area of the Extermination Monument and in the protection area, takes over, on behalf of the State Treasury, the area belonging to other owners and put the area at the disposal of the Museum
  • District Office in Włodawa, the Starost of Włodawa – Wiesław Holaczuk
  • Commune Włodawa, Commune Head – Tadeusz Sawicki
  • Village Sobibór, Head of Village – Jerzy Ziemiński
  • residents of the village Sobibor Stacja – owners of private properties located in the protection area
  • State Forests (Forest Division Sobibór, Forest Inspector – Andrzej Milaniuk (Msc – owner of the rest of the area)
  • Polish State Railways – Polish Railway Lines in Lublin, Director – Zygmunt Grzechulski – owner of the tracks, ramps and historic railway station building located in the protection area
  • The Province Heritage Monuments Protection Office in Lublin, Province Monument Conservator – Head of Delegaion – Stanisława Rudnik
  • Association of Commemoration of Sobibór
  • Chief Rabbi of Poland
  • Archeologists:  Prof. Andrzej Kola, Yoram Haimi, Wojciech Mazurek


  • Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority (Israel),
  • Stichting Sobibor – Dutch Foundation Sobibor, (Netherlands),
  • Province of Gelderland (Netherlands),
  • Bildungswerk Stanislaw Hantz e.V. Kassel (Germany)
  • The Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future