Memorandum of Understanding on the collective project to establish a Museum-Memorial Site in the area of the former Nazi-German extermination camp in Sobibór

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Department of Victims and Remembrance WWII at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Government of the State of Israel, Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic- Department of Human Rights and Equal Treatment, hereinafter the Participants, have agreed that:

  • the remembrance of the Holocaust and the events that led to it can and must not be lost;
  • the respect must and will be shown to the Jewish nation and other victims brought to extermination camps from various countries and that these victims are entitled to a dignified final place of rest
  • it is of great importance that the victims of the Nazi-German extermination camp will not be forgotten.

The Participants have therefore decided to set up a collective project concerning the realization of the former location of the Nazi-German extermination camp Sobibór as a place of commemoration and remembrance, hereinafter to be referred  as the Project – thereby including the following specific objectives:

  • the protection and proper preservation of mass graves and ashes of the victims murdered at this place, as far as possible in conformity with the applicable religious tradition of the victims;
  • the establishment of place of remembrance, where in particular relatives can pay tribute to the victims;
  • the establishment of a Museum- Memorial Site with the aim of passing on the history of mass extermination to the present and future generations
  • The preservation and the protection of the preserved historic substance and the area of the former German-Nazi extermination camp in Sobibór.

The project will be carried out with special respect to the place, ashes of victims and the authentic traces of the extermination camp, as well as for the relevant initiatives taken in this place in the past decades. (read the whole text)